The Wild and the Free ..

~Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.~ Bob Marley

:[P]:- Heriah Fatpack [Days of Yore]

-LP- Headpiece V1

-LP- Scar V2 +CATWA+ & +OMEGA+ 

Tableau Vivant // Cinder hair

[Glam Affair] Mary [ Lelutka ]

(Milk Motion) The cistern

JIAN Tiger Collection

I am trying ..

~Hiding in my room, safe within my womb, I touch no one and no one touches me. I am a rock, I am an island. And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries.~ Paul Simon

[HU] Camelia Pants @ TLC

[HU] Camelia Top @ Vanity

[Glam Affair] Korina [ Lelutka ] 007  @  Uber

Sintiklia - Hair Elvina - Naturals


TLC 'Feathered Squatters' - Blackbird* @ Bloom

TLC 'Feathered Squatters' - Oriole* @ Bloom

Daisy Basket CHEZ MOI

dust bunny . Con - Emma Flower Bicycle - Decor

MINIMAL - Sevilla Backdrop //1//


Good Intentions .. @ZODIAC

~Good intentions are simply not enough. Our character is defined and our lives are determined not by what we want, say or think, but by what we do.~      Michael Josephson

[LAKSHMI] Lamia Heels  @  ZODIAC

Mimikri - Violet Ruched Dress  @  ZODIAC

Stealthic - Dawn

*LODE* Head Accessory - Tulips & Cherries Blossoms 

Loft & Aria - Roxy Chaise Lounge & Roxy Floor Lamp & Loft&Aria - Aries  @  ZODIAC

MudHoney Aries Accessories  @  ZODIAC

Ayla. Aries: Reclaimed Frame (red) & (maroon)  @  ZODIAC

Tuesdays Aries Light Lantern  @  ZODIAC

Eleventh Hour: Aries Bookcase  @  ZODIAC

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Sleep  @  Harajuku Event

Fancy Decor: Modern Books (gold)

Raya ..

I have two kittens in real.. Raya my gray bengal and Pamuk my scottish fold.. Raya is my wildcat and follows me everywhere and this pic is dedicated to her heheh.. She makes crawl on the floor like this a lot.. <3

B BOS - Eretri Outfit  @  Sense

Go&See * Nora * Dusky ~ Genus ~ Promo

Go&See * Diva * Ground Pose 5#

Refuge - Lissanna Set Fatpack @  Bloom

[Fetch] Phedra Vase Books

.Entwined. Blythe / Variety

[Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Gacha @ Harajuku Event

Di'Cor Ahana Wrinkled Rug

MudHoney Miranda Drapes - Sheer

Sleep safe Princess ..

Aphrodite - Spring Joy - Nursery Set

Tatty Nursery Rug By Snuggle Baby

Le Blanc Nursery shelf Snuggle Baby

DISORDERLY. / Rosy Vintage / Books & Chair  @  ShinyShabby

tarte. decorative frame

MudHoney Miranda Drapes - Sheer

{ACD} Squishles The Dino Snuggle Baby

{ACD} Princess Prissy Snuggle Baby

{ACD} Pretty Princess Block Decor Snuggle Baby

Smoke it Away ..

~Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.~ George R.R. Martin
Rin - Soft Beauty Marks

Rin - Vaila Eyeshadow

[Fetch] Harper Set  @  Uber

AVALE Elly - FATPACK  @  Tres Chic

Pose: -Extra-  Smoke it Away

Stealthic - Intrepid